Enhanced In-Store Signage

Budvue is committed to helping cannabis stores communicate with their customers. In an industry with thousands and thousands of products, and, strict advertising regulation, interacting with your customers is frustratingly difficult, and we want to help.

We have been operating in the hospitality industry since 1998 as Clickspace Interactive, helping restaurants, bars and pubs communicate with their customers. From in-house promotions and, beer boards to social media pages and, trivia; our system allows a business to engage their clients through fun, custom branded content. We have taken our software and infrastructure, made a few small tweaks and launched into the wild world of cannabis.  

Increase Sales

Digital Signage is the most effective in-store medium advertise products to increase product awareness and consumer engagement.

Enhance Brand

Budvue has a fantastic team of graphic designers and video animators to create the most unique and custom content in the industry. Our software also gives you complete control of your screens, so only graphics you choose are displayed.

Educate Customers

Educate your customers through animated content.

Make Your Brand Stand Out!

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Budvue provides a variety of features to help a retail cannabis shop communicate with its customers. Created by our team of graphic designers and animators, Budvue has the most unique and custom content in the industry.

Menu Boards

Custom designed menu boards enhance your brand and ensure your products are displayed on-screen. By using one of our POS partners, you can take advantage of live menu board updates.

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Feature Boards

Promote only the products and brands you have in stock! We have a library of branded templates to choose from. Budvue makes it easy to provide more information to your customers.

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A unique blend of information and entertainment, this type of content helps new customers learn more about the industry and its products in a fun and engaging style.

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Social Media

Linking social media with your in-store signage generates a sense of consumer engagement. By displaying live posts from your customers, your business will have a more interactive atmosphere, leading to greater retention.

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How Does Budvue Work?

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Small Town Buds Select Budvue to Build Brand

Small Town Buds Select Budvue to Build Brand

Small Town Buds is a family owned and operated cannabis retailer located in Devon, Alberta. This first cannabis shop in Devon, Small Town Buds is working in uncharted waters and is very excited to have the ability to communicate with its customers through dynamic, animated content. Small Town Buds entered partnership with Budvue because the[…]

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