What is Infotainment?

A combination of information and entertainment, this allows a shop to educate and entertain its clients. Budvue has a library of customizable templates that range from store events to cannabis basics.


In this emerging industry, customers are wanting to be educated on cannabis plant basics to advanced consumption methods. Budvue provides the digital tools to inform users about cannabis. Education is a crucial aspect in delivering excellent customer service.


Budvue makes it easy to communicate important information to customers. A store may use dynamic digital content to connect with customers and let them know about social media pages, events, industry updates, and product recalls.


Create a unique, comfortable atmosphere through original or licensed content from the Budvue library. From celebrity gossip, news and weather, to live sports scores, Budvue has content for all audiences customized to your brand.

Why Infotainment

Infotainment is an amazing way to educate a customer in cannabis. It sparks questions and conversation between a customer and a budtender. It creates a sense of ease and community, while helping your store stand out.