Why Advertise?

The animated nature of digital signage provides exceptional opportunities to solve a billion dollar marketing problem in the cannabis industry. We stimulate brand awareness, as well as, increase sales of your products. Our best-in-class graphics and animation team can bring your products to life in an incredible setting to engage with existing and new customers. Companies wishing to promote their products or services and find out more about the Budvue Smart Promotion system should fill out the form below.

Smart Promotions

Dynamically served feature content to retail locations in our network with your product in stock.

Accurate product information relayed across all in-store experiences and promotion design approvals.

Green field opportunity to increase brand awareness and feature products to end consumers in-store.

Content and advertisement guaranteed to meet Canadian regulatory and compliance requirements.

We provide a solution to an industry-wide problem experienced by Licensed Producers in reaching their end consumers, increasing brand awareness, and promoting your products.

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